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Cameron School, Greeley, CO. "Soft flute sounds filled the Library as Mary Peace Finley's presentation began. The students were hooked from the first flute echo to the last look and feel of the treasures on the display table! Cameron Elementary fourth and fifth grade students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Peace Finley's presentation last week. The only downside was the time was too short. We are hoping to have Mrs. Peace Finley back in the spring to do a "Writer's Workshop."  --Molly Darnell, Teacher Monfort Elementary School, Greeley, CO. "Mary Peace Finley, a Colorado author, visited Monfort Elementary School on Wednesday, November 2. She read, played, and acted before our fourth and fifth grade students. Ms. Finley is an inspiration to all writers. Her choice of historical fiction is a true love for her. She has lived in many of the areas she writes about in her books. Her Sante Fe Trilogy is expressive and detailed. It is a series to be treasured by all readers. Ms. Finley is welcome back at our school anytime. Her presentations were excellent." --Marsha Heineke, Teacher     Meeker Elementary School, Greeley, CO. "Students were enthused before you came about reading the 'Southwestern Trilogy'. They are now begging me to put your new book on my shelves when it comes out. My students are enthusiastic readers, but they have become even more excited as the result of your visit. Several have come up to me to show me references to things from your writing in their current chosen texts. Others have come to talk to me about your advice to authors and have related it to their own writing. The children are helping me to choose the objects we will hang from our ceiling representing our readings of 'Soaring Eagle'and 'White Grizzly.' We are continuing to make our own necklaces with the 'devil's claw' seed pods we used for your key chain. They will have a constant reminder of your visit here. Several of my students have gone to special order your books at local bookstores. My copies of your works are flying off the shelves too. (cont. on next page)
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