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The Matchbox The Matchbox The Matchbox
The childhood biography of Ginetta Sagan, who in 1996 received the highest civilian honor in the United States of America, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, honoring her lifelong work for human rights through Amnesty International, the Aurora Foundation and her heroic acts as a young girl.
Prologue: --The Young Ginetta, 1933, Italy Prologue: --The Young Ginetta, 1933, Italy Prologue: --The Young Ginetta, 1933, Italy
A dark, curly head with sparkling brown eyes peeked over the neighbor's rough rock wall. Cherries! Black bingos, more delicious than the cherries at home. The young girl, Ginetta, and her friends scrambled over. Ginetta climbed a tree. Laughing, she picked cherries and dropped them into her scarf, then passed them down. "The farmer here isn't very nice," one of her friends said. "Oh, he's nice." Ginetta plucked another cherry. "He wouldn't like us to be here, but he won't catch us." From below, dead silence. Her friends were gone. "I'm glad you think I'm nice," the farmer grumbled. "But I'm not nice, and I've caught you. Now come down, you little bandit!"
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