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Tiger Tales Tiger Tales Tiger Tales Chapter One Chapter One Chapter One
     Inga hasn't eaten all day. Now, deep inside her den at the Denver Zoo, she waits alone. No sounds disturb her. It's dark. Something is about to happen.      At eight o'clock the next morning, zookeeper Liz Hooton tiptoes to a tiny camera. She peeks into the den. Two cubs! By ten o'clock there are two more.      Inga has given birth to four healthy Siberian tigers--one of the most endangered animals on earth. And Liz can already tell that Inga's going to be a very good mother.
© Mary Peace Finley 2012
Tiger Tales--A Story of Survival is the true story of four Siberian tiger cubs born in captivity in the Denver Zoo. This Colorado Zoo joins with other zoos in working to keep endangered species from becoming extinct.